If you're a fan of "Two and a Half Men", then you're probably familiar with Charlie Sheen's antics.  So it's not surprising that the overwhelming majority of fans don't seem bothered by them.

According to a poll by the "Hollywood Reporter", 96% of fans want Charlie back on the show…while 4% think he should be FIRED PERMANENTLY.

(Quick question:  What do those 4% watch "Two and a Half Men" for?  Discuss.)

90% don't think Charlie's personal problems matter, as long as he does a good job on the show.

And check this out:  26% actually view Charlie as either "much more" or "somewhat more" favorably in the wake of his most recent scandal.

Which sounds crazy, but also makes a certain amount of sense.  I mean, these people watch a show about a hard-partying misogynist, right?

So it only stands to reason that at least some of them ROOT for the hard-partying misogynist to keep partying hard and misogynist-ing.  For them, believing that Charlie really IS that guy probably makes it even MORE enjoyable.

On a related note...

I'm not sure it's time yet for Charlie Sheen to be lecturing people about drug use. But that apparently happened yesterday.

Charlie and some Major League Baseball players showed up for batting practice with the UCLA team.

And after it was over, Coach John Savage asked Charlie to speak to his players about drugs…which he did.

There's no word what he said, but he got a standing ovation from the team.

Charlie is an avid baseball fan.  And, as you may recall, he starred in the first two "Major League" movies.

Here's a picture of Charlie with the big leaguers: Coco Crisp, Eric Davis, Brandon Watson and Milton Bradley