Valentine's Day is two days away. That doesn't leave people much time to get that special gift for that special someone.

As usual, I still haven’t gotten my boyfriend anything. I’m the type that waits until the absolute last minute. So I went around the office asking some of the guys what they would want for Valentine ’s Day.

Here's the list compiled from the answers from the guys around the office. Hopefully some of these will help.

  1. Case of beer and Cigars - What guy doesn't love beer? This gift is simple but he will love it.
  2. Golf - A way for him to just relax and have a good time with the guys. Spoil him by getting him a round of golf and letting him enjoy a day on the course.
  3. Romance - Typically this is the number one motive for guys who shower their girl with gifts on Valentine's Day.
  4. His favorite snacks & drinks - Fill a big basket of his favorite snacks. Example: beef jerky, sunflower seeds, gum, etc.
  5. Gift Card - When all else fails or you just can't think of what to get, grab him a gift card to his favorite place to eat.

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day this year. Make it a special one for him, and he'll return the favor in a big way.