Ann Wilson from Heart belted out the National Anthem just before the Seattle Seahawks / San Francisco 49ers playoff game on Sunday, and there's been a big debate about it on Twitter.

Some people thought it sounded cool, in a raspy, rock 'n' roll way...even when Ann seemed to have to re-adjust after failing to hit the high notes at the end. But others thought it was off-key, and just embarrassing.

Here are some comments from Twitter:  Quote, "Did Ann Wilson pass a kidney stone at the end of the Anthem?" . . . "Someone look around on the field for Ann Wilson's windpipe."

"Ann Wilson took a cigarette break before attempting the high notes." . . . "Know how if you give a baby some wrapping paper it will tear it up, mangle it, annihilate it.  That's what Ann Wilson just did to the anthem."

And then there's this:  Quote, "It's entirely possible that Ann Wilson just gave the greatest rendition of the national anthem ever recorded."

I kinda dug it.  What did YOU think? You can revisit the performance on YouTube, here: