Yogurt, specifically Greek yogurt, is all the rage right now and trending big time. But there is another yogurt you probably haven't heard of that has something Greek yogurt doesn't.

Brenda Duby, with United Supermarkets, let us know that although Greek yogurt is one of the healthier yogurts, with more protein and less sugar than most others, there is another one that's even better.

Have you ever heard of Skyr? Pronounced 'skeer,' it's an Icelandic yogurt that was developed by a man from Iceland who came to the states and found our yogurt just too sweet for him. So he came up with Siggi's yogurt, because his name was Siggi.

It has less sugar than even Greek yogurt with all the protein and active cultures we need to maintain gut health.

I tried the vanilla and it's delicious. But I'm not a big fan of regular yogurt because it is so sweet. Siggi's is definitely going to be on my regular grocery list.

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Photo credit: United Supermarkets

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