Someone has put a WILD theory out there...claiming that the AMC shows "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead" could be a part of the same universe, with "Breaking Bad" being a very clever and subtle PREQUEL to "The Walking Dead".

Part of the "evidence" includes this connection: In "Breaking Bad", there's a red Dodge Challenger, which Walt is supposed to return to someone named "Glenn."

In "The Walking Dead", Steven Yeun's character, Glenn is shown trying to escape some zombies...while driving what appears to be the same Challenger.

Of course, this could just be a coincidence...since the same props are often reused. Or maybe this was an intentional "Easter Egg" as a fun nod from show to show, especially since they're both from the same network.

Also, a bag of drugs on "The Walking Dead" included what could be "Blue Sky"...a.k.a. the meth from "Breaking Bad". So could that meth have somehow been responsible for the zombie outbreak?

(You can find the entire case for these shows being connected, here. And here's a video where you can see the Challenger in each of the shows.)

(I'm sorry, but that Glenn connection is ridiculously thin at best. "Breaking Bad's" Glenn is the general manager at a car dealership, but the Glenn we know from "Walking Dead" was a PIZZA DELIVERY BOY.)