There are several species of animals roaming around Lubbock County.  We come across many at the lake each week.

The "Common Grey Fox" has been spotted several times along the shore as well as along the canyon rims.  We catch glimpses of both White Tail and Mule Deer at different spots around the lake.

There have been reports that mountain lions have been spotted, although I have yet to see any photographs proving they roam close to the lake.  We have spotted feral hogs and their tracks down in the bottoms near the spillway and hopefully we will take some photographs of them in the future.  You can also hear the howling of coyotes in the evenings from the back side of the lake property.

No, in the heat of the summer, rattlesnakes, bull snakes, and many other varieties of snakes can be found.  While those may be a little too creepy to mention, they are part of our wildlife menagerie that can be found at Buffalo Springs Lake. Y'all come!

*Text and Photos provided by guest contributor Jim Madewell.