Here's the picture that started the whole thing:

If you've done all the 'Tebowing' you can stand and you're looking for the next big thing, you might want to try 'Bradying'.

Remember that classic photo of Tom Brady on the field at the Super Bowl, sitting on his butt with his head down, wondering how the heck that mouth-breathing Eli kid drank his milkshake AGAIN?

Well, it just might become what all the Kool kids are doing. There's even an official Facebook page for it!

Here's me Bradying:

Our web guy, Blake:

FMX's Wes Nessman:

Rick Gilbert gets in on the action:

Front desk special agent, Lori:

The Heathen:

And finally, the Little Lovely Laura the PomPom Girl:

She also did some Tebowing...even though no one asked her to:

Here's a video that explains the phenomenon a little more: