has put together a list of '23 Women's Names Ruined By Songs'.  There are actually more than 23 names, and some of them are more notorious than others.  In fact, some of them are pretty obscure.

Here's the Top 10:

1.)  "Dirty Diana",  Michael Jackson

2.)  "Freek-a-Leek",  Petey Pablo (WARNING: Graphic content!)
Names mentioned in this song are:  Shameka, Kesha, Tara, Shonda, Sabrina, Crystal, Deronda, Felicia, Tanesha, Sha'von, Yolanda, Monique, Christina and Teresa. (It's a little hard to tell what all the names are, and there are some conflicting lyrics on various sites...but this is the list according to

3.)  "867-5309 / Jenny",  Tommy Tutone

4.)  "My Sharona",  The Knack

5.)  "Kim",  Eminem (WARNING AGAIN: Graphic content!)

6.)  "Iesha",  Another Bad Creation (WARNING: This song is AWFUL!)

7.)  "Roxanne",  The Police

8.)  "Jamie",  Weezer

9.)  "Cecilia",  Simon & Garfunkel

10.)  "Stacy's Mom",  Fountains of Wayne

(You can go to for brief comments on each one.  It's a slideshow.)

(There are plenty of other songs that could've been included.  Last year, put out a similar list and it included:  Eric Clapton's "Layla", Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline", The Beach Boys' "Help Me Rhonda", "Come on Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners and "Oh Sherrie" by Journey singer Steve Perry.  You can find that whole list, here.)

Do YOU have a name that was ruined by a song?