We're all worried about something. Terrorists, the boogey-man, and face wrinkles top most American's list. Well now the moutherciser-orama 9000 is here to solve at least one of those problems!

The moutherciser-orama 9000, as I'm calling it because I don't know or care what the real name is, will cure you of all kinds of ailments including dignity, friends, and having too much money in your bank account. Plus once the boogeymen see all of us using our moutherciser-orama 9000's they'll realize they're wasting their time trying to kill us in our sleep because we'll all die of stupid soon enough anyway.

If you need a laugh then watch this video over and over again. And might I add that this will never in any way do anything for your face muscles because it only uses your neck muscles, and its stupider than the stupidest thing ever is. But this one is a real stupid thing.