Perhaps you've heard that obscure little rumor that Yoko Ono broke up The Beatles?

Well, last year Paul McCartney said he no longer blamed Yoko for the split, and said their then-manager Allen Klein had a lot to do with it...and that it was inevitable that John Lennon would go out on his own, with or without her.

Anyway, Yoko is relieved to hear that...especially since she and Paul haven't always been on the best of terms over the years.

She says, "I was very, very thankful [to hear him say that]. I mean I was shocked. I thought, 'Now you are saying it? Now, after 40 years?' But it was very good. In the atmosphere that the world created for us, it was not easy for him to say something like that."

She adds that the sheer vitriol she received after The Beatles broke up made her who she is today.  (A mediocre artist, who does all kinds of ridiculous stuff for attention, in the hopes that people think:  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?)

She says, "I'm starting to understand something interesting. If all those people hadn't bashed me, what would I be doing now? What I am now was made by all those terrible incidents. I thought it was terrible all those years. But when I think about it now, I realize it was a BLESSING."

Speaking of Paul, he just released a behind-the-scenes clip from his upcoming video for "Queenie Eye", which will be out later this week.  You can check it out, here:

The six-minute clip takes place at Abbey Road Studios, and features celebrities like Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Meryl Streep, Jude Law, Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Tracey Ullman and Jeremy Irons.