We recently interviewed Darrell Maloney about his book Haunted Lubbock and found that there are many places in Lubbock reported to be haunted. Here's a list of 10 you may or may not know about.

We have featured a couple of reportedly haunted places in Lubbock for our Weird and Wonderful West Texas video series, but we thought these spooky places warranted a post to themselves.

  • 1

    The Old Dunlaps Building

    Former site of the Lubbock Sanitarium and later Lubbock General Hospital. Employees of Dunlaps reported a cold spot in the building and horrible events happening to them within a week of moving a rack that was positioned over the spot.

  • 2

    City of Lubbock Cemetery

    Reports of phantom packs of dogs, cold air within the cemetery, strange music and voices at Buddy Holly's grave are just the tip of the iceberg. There are also stories of abductions around Hell's Gate near the back of the cemetery.

  • 3

    Hell's Gate

    Stories and reports of black phantom-like figures sliding around the trestles at night. Some have said that they've felt like someone -- or something -- was watching them.

  • 4

    LaQuinta on Ave. Q & 6th St. (now Mac Davis Lane)

    Darrell Maloney and a friend experienced an up close and personal encounter with something during a night's stay here. His friend felt a hand on her knee in her bed, and Darrell felt a hand on his shoulders for hours in the dark.

  • 5

    Lubbock High School Auditorium & Balcony

    There have been reports of phantom students watching rehearsals from the balcony and orchestral music coming from the empty auditorium at night.

  • 6

    Lubbock High School Bell Tower

    Some people have claimed that they've seen red eyes watching them from various places in the tower at night. White ghost-like figures flying in and out of the tower have also been reported.

  • 7

    Buddy Holly's Homeroom at Lubbock High School

    Singing "that sounded like Buddy Holly's voice" coming from his old homeroom classroom at night has apparently been heard. This was when the room was dark and the door was locked.

  • 8

    Lubbock County Probation Office

    Stories of files flying out of people's hands and file cabinet drawers slamming shut on their own have been passed along about this location.

  • 9

    Myrick-Green Building

    This building boasts an odd story about a man in a long, wet trench coat, hat and briefcase, seemingly from the 1930s or 40s, running into the doorway of the building. The two people who saw this checked out the building when the man didn't come out and saw water drops leading up to a boarded up door.

  • 10

    Old Lubbock National Bank Building

    This location has been a couple of banks and hotels through the years. Tellers reported hearing a bell ringing, like a front desk bell at a hotel. One employee met a woman outside the bank who called her by name, having not ever met her, and told her she was going to help someone named Walter raise his three boys. When the employee turned to leave, she looked back and the woman had vanished.

    The employee later met a man named Walter with three boys and married him. The lady who talked to her and vanished is thought to have been the ghost of Walter's grandmother.

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