On Saturday, Baker Mayfield was playing the worst team in the Big 12. (No, Texas Tech is not the worst team in the Big 12; that title goes to Kansas.) Kansas is the worst. The Jayhawks didn't shake his hand during the coin toss, so he did what all elite performers do: he used a small thing to motivate himself in a game where he might have been otherwise unmotivated to do so.

The madness didn't stop there, but let's not pretend that this moment changed the outcome of this game. In fact, Kansas covered against the spread by a half point, which means if you bet on Oklahoma, you lost.

Former Red Raider and Heisman frontrunner Baker Mayfield just couldn't let it go, telling the Kansas Fans to "go cheer on basketball." Which is actually good advice.

In fact, maybe Baker Mayfield is actually the good guy here. He's letting these Kansas fans know there's much better days ahead for them in the form of their basketball team.

Oh. Well, he's still not a bad guy. He's just drawing awareness to the importance of testicular checkups. Here's a cancer survivor giving him mad props on Twitter:

Look, here's Baker signing autographs for children. He's great!

Nevertheless, due to pressure no doubt, Baker has yet again apologized for an incident.

Baker Mayfield is getting some mad reps at apologizing for things. He's probably the most pro-ready apologizer in college football. If apologizing was a stat, he'd be at the top of the charts -- just like he is in most other notable categories.

He might be the most seasoned apologist in Big 12 history. If the NFL doesn't work out, he and Johnny Manziel, another all-time apologizer, can start an apology firm that teaches kids how to be better at apologizing for being arrogant jack-wagons. Now that would be utilizing their role model ability.

Now, I know Red Raiders fans don't like Baker Mayfield, and that's fine, but shouldn't he get a break? After all, he's a role model for everyone who wants to do whatever they want and then apologize on Twitter and then win back to back Big 12 titles and Heisman Trophies.

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