By kfyolocalnews

Now that district attorney Matt Powell has decided not to take the Victor Hernandez tax case to a judge, will the city refer the case to the attorney general’s office in Austin, to determine whether Councilman Hernandez can legally serve on the council? During his morning commentary on KFYO, Councilman Paul Beane talked about the possibility of the city referring the case to the AG.

“Will the city council do that?” Beane asked.  “I don’t think so.  At least I’m not interested in seeking a decision.  Why?  Well, the problem does not lie completely with Victor Hernandez.   It lies with the out-dated and poorly written city charter.”

Beane wants the charter to be updated but he says no one seems to be interested.  Beane also said Hernandez should not lose his position on the council as a result of his tax troubles because the city council should not take steps to undo or overturn a legal election.