What do you call a pony with a sore throat?  A little horse. Sorry for that but I am a bit out of sorts. You know the drill...starts with a pesky tickle in the back of your throat and before you know it turns into a full on sore throat.  Could be the start of a nasty cold or maybe a karaoke night gone wild, but it's really no laughing matter especially in my line of work!

And here come the home remedies! Hot water with lemon and honey, gargle with salt water, take a hot bath, and sleep with a humidifier in the room....all the old stand-bys. Remember when your grandmother used to swab your throat with some ungodly concoction? I'm still not sure what it was but I would rather suffer the sore throat. At any rate it’s a good excuse to whip up a yummy chicken soup. Or does the saying go "feed a fever, starve a cold?"

To heck with it! Chicken soup sounds good and if anyone needs me I will be taking a hot bath and sipping my honey and lemon water. Then I'm gonna take the proper OTC meds, enjoy my soup and hit the bed early. Hopefully by morning the porcupine that seems to have lodged himself in my throat will have made his exit.