A car salesman at the Houston Gillman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Dealership spoke with police after he was kidnapped during a test drive.

Moments after Jose Martinez granted a customer’s request to test drive a Dodge Challenger on Tuesday, January 5, two other cars started tailing them.

The already tense situation soon got worse when one of the trailing vehicles rammed into the Charger, bringing both vehicles to a stop.


According to Martinez, this is when multiple suspects he could only describe as tall black men, one of which was "6'5 and skinny," pulled him from the vehicle.

A brief scuffle ensued, and Martinez was bound with tape and his own belt and thrown in the trunk of his dealership's Challenger.

From the trunk, Martinez called the police and wisely activated his “Find My iPhone” app to provide his location to his manager back at the dealership.

After approximately five minutes, the trunk was popped and Martinez was able to escape, shooting one of the suspects in the neck with their own gun.

The phone was strategically left in the trunk allowed police to track the vehicle, but the suspects managed to flee police on foot.

As of Tuesday night, the suspects were still at large.