Chicago Station Market has positively exploded in both size and popularity since its inception. I went to the first couple of these farmer's markets and had a wonderful time. The vendors are incredible, and there's definitely something there for everyone.

April's CSM had to be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, but July's market promises to be the best one yet. Because it's being held at Lubbock legendary At'l Do Farms (6323 FM 1294), perhaps better known as "The Corn Maize", especially in the Fall. It's a gorgeous farm and it has real, honest-to-god bathrooms. I know that sounds ridiculous until there isn't a proper bathroom and then its the most important amenity ever.

From the Facebook Event Page:

Good morning CSM fans! We cannot thank you enough for your support on Saturday! We appreciated you traversing all the way out to our little artisan market! We hope you enjoyed yourself!

Just wanted to remind you of our NEXT

Chicago Station Market Lubbock

happening JULY 25th at

At'l Do Farms Corn Maize

! We had to cancel the market we had planned there in April, but we are 2.0-ing this next one and it is going to be better than the initial plan!

We are so excited to partner with this amazing family to bring you a truly unique shopping experience... AT THE FARM!
Please join us, bring your family, foodies friends and your fur babies are welcome as usual!
We appreciate you shopping local with us and we hope you will join us again... we will see you at the station!

For more information, head over to their Event Page. While you're there BE SURE to sample some of Kellie B's amazing jams. They are the best!

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