For what seems like the last calendar year, Chris Beard and Texas Tech have had to deal with the incessant chirping from the national audience that Texas Tech can't afford Chris Beard, and that the perennial pond jumper wouldn't stick around in Lubbock.

Beard is a Longhorn grad. He wants the illustrious job with history, like UCLA. He can't recruit at Texas Tech like he can at a blue blood.

You can some up all of the blowhards succinctly with one Mike Francesa clip:

The National Championship was Chris Beard's last game at Texas Tech? I think not.

Beard's new contract is one thing; he's paid competitively among the top coaches in the country. The Womble practice facility will be top notch. The United Supermarkets Arena is like a small NBA arena. Beard is locking in a top 15 recruiting class in his third year, with a 5-star kid dropping Duke off his list in favor of adding Texas Tech. Yes, seriously.

Also, Chris Beard is loving his life in Lubbock. He loves riding Lime Scooters around town:

It wasn't a one time thing, either. Here Beard is on the way to the bank on Monday.

Chris Beard is a celebrity in Lubbock. Pictures. Autographs. He's a man of the people, and his people live in Lubbock.

Chris Beard is a Lubbockite. He is a Red Raider.

One day, far down the line, Chris Beard might leave Texas Tech, but it won't be because Texas Tech got outbid or because a "better" job opens up. It will be a decision that's best for Beard and his family. When that time comes, years from now, it will be OK.

For now...Wreck Em. #4to1

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