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Update: The City of Lubbock confirmed Tuesday evening that two people were confirmed to have COVID-19 -- one from Lubbock County, and one from Hockley County.

Original story: The City of Lubbock released a list of FAQs to help answer some questions that many people in the community have been asking related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The statement in its entirety reads as follows:

We know everyone has a lot of questions, and the situation keeps evolving rapidly. Please know we're doing our best to address your concerns and keep up with the latest information available. We've put together the following FAQs based on your concerns. You can also find these and more official information at

1. Why are we not taking this situation seriously? CDC guidelines say no more than 50 people gatherings.
We are taking this situation very seriously. Leadership is working with our local health authority and we have taken these first steps. These measures are not set in stone and will adjust as this fast evolving situation evolves.

2.Can scheduled events still happen? Concerts, shows, etc.
The 200 people limit goes into effect at 5 p.m., Tuesday, March 17, 2020. As long as events have less than 200 people they can still take place. That being said, we are encouraging everyone to take measures and practice social distancing and voluntary isolation if they feel sick. Personal responsibility is of utmost importance during this time, and we hope our community starts to take the necessary measures to keep everyone safe and healthy.

3.Is it true we already have a positive case in Lubbock?
No, it is not true. When/if we get a positive, we will make 100% sure to let everyone know via an official announcement: news release, news media conference, social media reach.

4. Why are we not testing everyone that has symptoms?
We continue to follow CDC guidelines to conduct testing:…/2019-nc…/symptoms-testing/testing.html

5.Why has the city not closed travel into Lubbock? I wish I could not worry about this virus.
We completely understand and wish we could all continue with our normal lives, and not have to worry about COVID-19. Unfortunately, this is a global reality we're all having to face. Our leadership is doing their best to balance keeping us all safe and being proactive to the local situation. We're conducting daily testing and even though federal guidelines don't allow us to release the number of people being tested, we can assure you tests are being done.

6. Where can I find more information about what the City of Lubbock is doing in this situation?
We will continue to keep you posted, practice social distancing as much as possible and also voluntary isolation if you're feeling sick. You can also go to to find documentation (including the full Disaster Declaration), YouTube videos from our news conferences, news releases and resources related to COVID-19.

One of the rumors circulating around Lubbock is that there has been a positive case that nobody wants to report... I can assure you that this is false and the City of Lubbock echos that in the list of frequently asked questions.

Now is a time to be operating on facts and not speculation. It is also a time to trust the elected officials we chose to run our local government.

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