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It might be sunny and warm today, but the weather is going to change soon.

Enjoy the weather on Monday and Tuesday, because we're about to see some of the coldest temperatures and wind chills that yet this 2022 winter season. Lubbock, along with surrounding areas, could also see some snow on Wednesday and Thursday.

As of the publication of this story Monday morning, our friends at KAMC are forecasting that the high on Tuesday will be around 58 to 60 degrees before a cold front comes through. The high on Wednesday is supposed to be around 35 degrees with a 60 percent chance of a wintery mix. It's only going to get colder going into Thursday, where temperatures may hit  20 degrees for the high.

On Friday, it's expected that the Lubbock area will have a high above freezing with sunny skies.

With temperatures expected to get so low won't want to forget to bring pets inside or at least give them a warm spot for shelter against the cold and possible snow. The good news is that after this upcoming blast of cold air, temperatures are supposed to return to normal.

KFYO News and our other Townsquare Media stations will keep you up to date with any school and community closures that may occur over the next few days when winter weather arrives returns to the Lubbock area.

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