"This is a unique situation to bring back a native to Lubbock, a Texas Tech graduate, and someone who played the starring role on Broadway in 'The Phantom of the Opera.' And I am speaking of David Gaschen," enthused Robin Henson, Executive VP of Lubbock Moonlight Theater.

"He played the roll of the Phantom on Broadway for over six years, 1,500 performances worldwide and coming back to be a part of the production as a cooperative effort between Texas Tech University Opera Theater and Lubbock Moonlight Musicals," Henson added.

"The Phantom of the Opera" is known to be one of the greatest musicals of the past 50 year.

David Gaschen's supporting cast will be TTU Opera Theater students, many of whom have national singing credits.

"This will never happen again in Lubbock, to have The Phantom of the Opera, who is a native from our own community, come back and play that role," said Henson.

See Phantom of the Opera November 18-22 and Nov. 25-27th at the Lubbock Civic Center Theater. Visit Lubbockmoonlightmusicals.org for more information.


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