Listen to the full interview with Senator Dawn Buckingham below.

Texas State Senator Dawn Buckingham has made a name for herself in the Texas Senate as a strong conservative lawmaker. Now she has her eyes set on a different office, Texas Land Commissioner.

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Buckingham is running in the Republican Primary for Texas Land Commissioner after the current Commissioner, George P. Bush, announced that he would run for Attorney General in Texas.

Buckingham joined The Chad Hasty Show on Monday evening to discuss her campaign. Buckingham discussed the future of the Land Commissioner and what issues might come up in the future.

The biggest one on the forefront is that the General Land Office will be the one mapping and determining where the additional broadband is going to be going which is of course huge for rural Texas. You never know what will come in as a state agency, it changes all the time. We will be looking and fighting everyday to do what is best for Texas and preserving the Texas we know and love for our kids. We come from a truly exceptional group of people who are fiercely independent and entrepreneurial. And I think that is why Texas leads the nation and our nation leads the world.

Buckingham also discussed the plans for the Alamo and what she would like to see done with the site. She also discussed the the on-going crisis along the Texas/Mexico border and how, as Land Commissioner, she would tackle that issue that has led to an increase in illegal crossing and human and drug tracking to occur.

Listen to the full interview above. Visit her campaign website here.

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