Eli Roth’s Death Wish remake was questionable at best when it was announced, and remains as questionable, if not more so, considering the current climate of gun violence in this country. Though a specific reason hasn’t been given, a week after the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, Roth’s Death Wish has been delayed to March of next year.

Death Wish, which was supposed to open on November 22, will now debut on March 2, 2018, Deadline reports. The movie stars Bruce Willis as Paul Kersey, who becomes a one-man army after his wife and daughter are attached in their home and he sees how badly the Chicago P.D. is overloaded with crimes. Though the filmmakers haven’t shared a specific reason for pulling the movie from this year’s calendar, the timing of its original release date was certainly not great, considering 58 people are now dead because of an angry man with many guns. (Earlier this week, Netflix pulled The Punisher from this weekend’s New York Comic Con and delayed its season premiere for just this reason.)

Yes, Bruce Willis is the good guy in Death Wish, and, yes, he’s hunting down criminals, not regular harmless folks. But it still might not be the best time to release a movie championing vigilante violence. It’s not the kind of story we need right now. It’s might not be the kind of story we need again period.

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