#1.)  Beans.  The last thing you want to do is stink up the car on the drive home.

#2.)  Lobster and Crab.  It might be hard to feel the romance, when the person you're sitting across from is ripping apart an animal with their bare hands.

#3.)  Spinach.  There's a chance it'll get stuck in your teeth, and you'll embarrass yourself.

#4.)  Garlic Bread.  You'll smell like garlic for the rest of the night, so only order it if your date wants some too.

#5.)  Wings and Ribs.  Basically, avoid anything that requires a Wet Nap.

#6.)  An Oversized Hamburger.  Don't order something that's hard to fit your mouth around.  In fact, you should probably avoid anything you have to eat with your hands.  For one day, class it up and use silverware.

#7.)  Soup.  You'll start slurping and ruin the mood for your date…and all the other couples seated nearby.

#8.)  Anything Off a Dollar Menu.  If you're taking your date to a fast food restaurant for Valentine's Day, at least splurge and go for a value meal…and maybe even super-size it.

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