Did you know Baker Mayfield went to Texas Tech? Do you guys remember that?

He went to Texas Tech in 2013, then disappeared for an entire year according to this graphic from Oklahoma University Football. Thank goodness the plucky underdawg from Austin, Texas was found at the University of Oklahoma a long and arduous year later.

Who knows what would have happened to Baker if he hadn't been found?

Who knows if he had stayed at Texas Tech and then beat out Davis Webb in 2014 and enjoyed a Junior and Senior campaign before turning the program over to red-shirt Junior Patrick Mahomes.

Who knows if that would have happened.

In the clip above, former Red Raider Baker Mayfield (people always forget that) says he doesn't know where he'd be if Kliff Kingsbury and staff hadn't given him the opportunity to walk on.

He also says he learned a lot from the experience. Not so much from being at Texas Tech, but from the process of leaving. Heisman watches is Lubbock, Texas in the rear view mirror for Baker Mayfield.

Good for him. He's in a better place. Texas Tech is in a better place. Right?

Positive experience for everyone.

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