Texas landowners rejoice! You can now shoot feral hogs trespassing on your property without being hassled by The Man.

Earlier this week I told you about Senate Bill 317, which would change current Texas law requiring landowners to have a hunting license or be able to prove that a feral hog was a threat to their property if they shot a hog on their little patch of paradise (aka Texas).

The legislation made its way to Governor Greg Abbot's desk, and he's officially signed it into law.

Beginning September 1, property owners or those they give permission to shoot on their land will not longer be burdened with those requirements. That's right - you and your buddy can shoot those pesky hogs that are tearing up your crops or eating your livestock's food as long as you're doing it on your property and your buddy has your consent.

(If you live in a city (say, Temple or Killeen) and a hog somehow makes its way onto your lawn, hold your fire. Your city's ordinances still apply.)

Texas usually loves boasting about having the biggest, best, or most, but the case of feral hogs, we're unfortunate enough to have the nation's largest feral hog population. The hogs compete directly with livestock and game for food and can do serious damage to ranch land, planting fields, and wild habitats.

By the way, feral hogs are mighty tasty, so not only would you be eliminating a threat to your property and livelihood, but you'd be bringin' home the bacon!


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