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Living in a college town has its perks. 

Without Texas Tech, Lubbock Christian University, Wayland Baptist, and South Plains College, life in Lubbock would be a lot more boring. Without of seasonal influx of college "kids" we wouldn't have nearly as many cool things to do, or in this instance, new dishes at a bargain price.

Velvet Taco (2401 Glenna Goodacre Blvd) has released exclusive menu items and pricing only to locations near universities, and Lubbock is only one of three restaurants receiving this preferential treatment.  

Starting January 23, these three Velvet Taco locations—Norman, OK, Lubbock, TX, and College Station, TX—will offer seven new tacos and sides such as a Brisket Mac n’ Cheese as a side featuring gooey mac n' cheese, juicy brisket, and queso blanco and the Hangover Breakfast taco piled with brisket, pork, peppered bacon, crispy potatoes, and scrambled eggs topped with a cheese blend on a flour tortilla.

You don't have to be a student to order these special menu items, or to enjoy the new Happy Hour. Huzzah!

Velvet Taco on Instagram
Velvet Taco on Instagram

Happy Hour

  • Exclusive College town Menu tacos + fountain beverage for just $8.59

  • 2 regular tacos + fountain beverage for just $9.59

  • + $6 swap fountain beverage for a regular kick ass margarita

I've been to Velvet Taco several times because the flavors are so unique and the drinks are deliciously strong. I graduated from Texas Tech, so it's nice to still get a taste of that college culture whenever I like at nearby Velvet Taco.

Pro tip: Hungry late? Or need to "soak it up"? Velvet Taco is open really late, as in 11 pm Sunday through Wednesday and until midnight Thursday through Saturday.

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