I've been trying to decide whether or not to return a litter box that I bought at Walmart. Yeah, I know. Gross. But, hear me out!

I spent $40 on a super fancy litter box for my cat. It's one of those new "Pretty Litter" boxes, and basically just looks like a big white salad bowl. I thought it would look nice in my new apartment, but failed to remember that my cat LOVES to kick cat litter out of his box, which is why I've always used a box with a top on it...

The first time he used this brand spanking new box, he kicked litter all over my floor and I knew that was DEFINITELY not going to work for him or me. I immediately put his old litter box back and was then left with a completely useless, ultra-fancy, cat box that's only been used one time.

I cleaned it, and it's been sitting by my front door with the receipt on top of it for over a month now, but I've been too ashamed to attempt to return it. It just seems gross and weird, right?

Well, it might not be as big of an issue as I thought it would be. A TikTok user that works at Walmart recently shared a hilarious video of themselves calling out another employee for accepting a frying pan that was returned with eggs still in it. Haha. Maybe I should take a chance and try to take that litter box back, huh? I don't know. You tell me. Check out the video below, and leave me a comment on our Facebook page if you think they would actually take the cat box back! Ha!

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