Construction on 98th Street and the Tahoka highway means an incoming disaster for my diet, possibly yours as well

A full-size, stand-alone Allsup's here in Lubbock is on the horizon. Lubbock's previous options for Allsup's are a petite location across from Texas Tech, or driving to Slaton or another surrounding community.


The last time I had Allsup's was in Morton and I went nuts filling my bag full of fried deliciousness- a corn dog, a beef and bean burrito, and my favorite, the Hatch green chili and cheese burrito. My honey and I tore through the bag like a pair of werewolves.

Sportscaster extraordinaire Pete Cristy got some nice shots of the construction site on his Facebook Page:

Allsup's also has a great selection of snacks outside of their fried food case, including chips, chicharrones, salsa, and sweets. You could easily be "good" on a diet with delicious trail mix, nuts, jerky, etc.

While gas station food might not sound like the most elegant of indulgences, I know Allsup's hearty and tasty food has made many of my road trips across Texas more pleasant and memorable. Remember: calories do not count on road trips.

And, just FYI, an Allsup's beef and bean burrito is only a few more calories than a McDonald's cheeseburger (yes, the little one) so it's honestly not a bad choice if you need something filling and with 14 grams of protein. Don't forget the fistfuls of taco sauce, too.

We all deserve delicious treats here and there. And I'm excited that the "there" will be right here in Lubbock, soon.

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