Lubbock man, Larry Pearson, was recently sentenced to 70 years in prison for spitting on a police officer. Because of Larry's prior convictions for family violence and aggravated robbery, the lowest prison term the jury was permitted to impose was 25 years. He received 2 additional counts of harassment on a public servant for the spitting incident, and instead of just going with an already lengthy 25-year sentence, the jury threw the book at him.

I think it's absolutely ridiculous.

70 years in prison is not the correct punishment for his actions. The sentence imposed is horrendously unjust. This 36-year-old man will likely be stuck in prison for the duration of his life for SPITTING on someone. I'm not saying he was the best guy, but come on. A 70-year stint in prison should be reserved for something way more sinister. Murderers, rapists, and pedophiles have gotten away with much worse and spent far fewer years in prison.

Making an "example" out of someone over something that should have only been a misdemeanor seems like cruel and unusual punishment, does it not? This man's life is over. I can't imagine the extreme regret and remorse he is feeling for his actions. To pay for them for the rest of his life and to never even have the opportunity to do better and be better, with a lighter sentence of only 25 years, is horrific.

It's a sad day when people cheer for someone to be put away for a prison length such as this over a situation that did not call for it. Again, I'm not saying he was completely innocent, but this is truly extreme.

Do you think he deserves to go away for 70 years??? Comment below this article on our Facebook page and let me know how you feel about it.

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