I have just about had it and I know most of you have too.

I often complain that we can all do more than one thing at a time. It's okay to attack several problems, or even one problem on several fronts, but when we have a HUGE problem that's being ignored, let's not dance around it.

It looks like there might be a national ban on chocolate milk in schools. Seriously, is this what we're worried about? Is the chocolate milk making the kids too fat to hide behind their bulletproof backpacks? Does it make them too slow to run away from mass killings? I am seriously offended that something like this would even be discussed when we have little kids afraid to go to school. This is absolutely disgusting that calories, instead of killers are what is being focused on.

Now let's get to the much, much, much smaller concerns. I KNOW there are kids who have waffled about whether they're going to school or not, and actually got excited because they thought "If I go, I get choco-milk!". Chocolate milk is a motivator. I'm not even exaggerating here.

We're also not talking about kids getting a gallon of chocolate milk either. The average serving of milk is eight ounces. That's three sips of milk. That's not hurting anyone. I'm showing 1% school milk at 102 calories, and 1% chocolate milk at 158 calories.  So you're trying to tell me that those 56 calories are what's making the kids obese? I'm not buying into this one.

Please find me the lawmakers who are focused on chocolate milk instead of school safety, I'd like to pour a bowl full of chocolate milk and hold their head under for a minute.  Let the kids have something they're excited about and let's make schools safer.

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