Moving Day Madness: Dallas Couple's Heated Argument Ends in a Wild U-Haul Ride.

Moving to a new city is always a mix of excitement and stress, but for one Dallas couple, their big move turned into potentially viral footage.

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The video at the bottom of this article captures the moment a lady got fed up with her partner and decided the best course of action was to speed off with the door to their U-Haul wide open.


Moving Day

As the video opens, it looks like any other move except I've never seen a move where they stack everything at the back of the U-haul. The person who posted the video claimed they were fighting, so maybe the guy was trying to just get as much stuff out of the truck as possible, knowing she was about to drive off in anger.

Wild Ride

The driver hits the gas and rapidly accelerates in reverse. I'm not sure if this was to run over their belongings, or if it was to throw the man out of the truck purposefully, but she managed to accomplish both.


Are Both Names on the Lease?


Look, we don't know what was said before this happened, but I think it goes without saying that you two might want to slow down on this move. Is it a two-bedroom? Because y'all might need your own space, I'm just sayin'.

Check out the video below:


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