Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock is launching a new brand campaign “It Takes Little to Be Big.”

For more than 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been the leader in one-to-one mentoring nationwide. As the nation’s largest donor and volunteer-supported mentoring network, Big Brothers Big Sisters prides itself in creating one-to-one mentoring opportunities for children between the ages of six and fifteen.

The Lubbock chapter started in 1970.  It was originally known as Big Brothers, and in 1977 the agency added Big Sisters to the program. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock is recognized as a 501c (3), has a governing board, completes an annual independent audit and is a community partner of Lubbock Area United Way.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock does a lot of things like: focuses on identifying children who can benefit from one-to-one mentoring, recruits, screens and prepares volunteers to become mentors, creates positive matches based on interests and needs, and track outcomes annually and report the impact our program has on our community.

The campaign focuses on the idea that little moments can have a big impact. The nonprofit says mentorships remain one of the most powerful tools they have to close the gap between people and possibility.

In Lubbock, there are 59 kids on the wait list for a Big Brother or Big Sister, according to a press release. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock said they want to match each of these kids with a positive adult role model.

“Rallying behind this new campaign will allow us to support and inspire youth today, further enabling us to empower communities throughout the South Plains for years to come,” Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock said in a press release.

How can you become a big?

1. You Can Share A Little Moment: Big Brothers Big Sisters want to hear your story. Share it on social media and hashtag #BeBig

2. Give A Little Time: Spend some time with Big Brothers Big Sisters by donating your time. They always need help and volunteers.

3. Be A Big: They always need people to mentor a little. They need you to help mentor one on one with the Lubbock youth.

Head on over to their website to sign up and learn more now.

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