“Simple. Fresh. Fast.”

Chop Chop first started in Amarillo around 20 years ago. The restaurant first opened in Lubbock on Milwaukee Avenue in 2015 and went on to open locations on 4th Street and 82nd Street.

Their locations feature a drive-thru and a glass wall that allows customers to watch cooks prepare their food. Chop Chop offers a variety of Asian meals, focusing on entrees and rice.

My favorite thing on the menu is their wontons and their chick with fried rice. I love that it is fast, and fresh and they have a drive-thru.

They just announced on Facebook they has closed their location on 82nd Street effective immediately.

"We are eager to consolidate our efforts and focus on delivering the best possible experience at our other two locations.

You can continue to enjoy your favorite Chop Chop meals at:
•7320 Milwaukee Avenue
•5707 4th Street"

This comes just after an announcement in January that they lowered their prices.

The restaurant lowered the prices for its signature entrees to $11.99 and its lighter options to $9.99. Chop Chop CEO, David Terry, said the restaurant hopes to “make this a permanent part of its pricing.”

Dine in, drive-thru, order online at chopchoprice.com or try their new Chop Chop app!

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