If you are looking to make more money in 2023 maybe you should check these jobs out.

There is a study done and released by the U.S. News & World Report recently for its 2023 jobs report.

This study breakdown the cities where workers can make the most money. The analyst took every job title that U.S. News & World Report tracks and found the metro areas where those professions earn the most.

The rankings offer a look at the best jobs across 17 categories – business, health care and technology – to help job seekers at every level achieve their career goals. Outcomes take into account the most important aspects of a job, including growth potential, work-life balance and salary.

While nearly 40% of the top 100 Best Jobs are in health care or health care support roles, a technology job – software developer – captured the No. 1 spot this year.

The top 10 best jobs in the United States: 

#1 Software Developer

#2 Nurse Practitioner

#3 Medical & Health Services Manager

#4 Physciain Assistant

#5 Information Security Analyst

#6 Physical Therapist

#7 Financial Manager

#8 IT Manager

#9 Web Developer

#10 Dentist

Solar panel installers in El Paso are especially well paid, with a mean salary of $61,400. In Lubbock, sports coaches can still make over $90,000 a year on average.

Austin, Houston and Midland each ranked highly for more than one profession.

Austin is among the top five highest-paying cities for:

  • Obstetrician and gynecologist: $375,200
  • Operations research analyst: $118,710
  • Pediatrician: $298,760
  • Petroleum engineer: $166,680
  • Physician: $375,200

Midland is among the top five highest-paying cities for:

  • Accountant: $95,380
  • Environmental engineer: $126,730
  • Physical therapist: $116,880
  • Physical therapist assistant: $75,550
  • Real estate agent: $100,060

The median income in the Lone Star State was $34,255 in 2021. The U.S. unemployment rate is at 3.5%, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while Texas’ is at 4%.

You can see more about the study here.

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