A Texas-based coffee company is opening its first location in Lubbock.

Summer Moon Coffee started in Austin back in 2002 after buying some coffee equipment and creating its own signature sweet cream, Moon Milk. Their first location opened in 2005 off of South First Street.

They expanded into new cities in 2013 and it just grew from there. They recently started expanding through franchised locations throughout Texas, and now Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Kenosha, Knoxville, and Fayetteville.

Now Summer Moon has more than 40 locations. Their closest location to Lubbock right now is in Austin but soon there will be one here. Summer Moon coffee beans are still roasted in Austin, TX in the same wood-fired brick ovens we built using the time-honored process of 19th-century coffee masters.

This is actually one of my mom's favorite coffee places in Austin so I am very excited for them to come here. I haven't gotten the chance to try it yet.

Summer Moon Coffee
Summer Moon Coffee

They offer featured drinks depending on what location you are at, hot drinks, iced drinks, Nitro cold brew, shaken and blended drinks and so much more. You can even get their special moon milk and coffee beans to go.

They even have some refreshers that really grabbed my attention for the spring and summer months.

There is no set date on when they will open in Lubbock but they are opening off of Slide and 114th. You can find out more about them on their website.

Summer Moon Coffee we can't wait to have you in Lubbock.

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