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It's been a week of winter weather and ice in and around Lubbock and unfortunately, that means a lot of crashes around Lubbock County.

Auto accidents soared this week beginning Monday morning when 19 accidents were reported throughout Lubbock County. Of course there could have been more minor accidents that weren't called in on Monday and throughout the week.

Through Wednesday, 86 auto accidents had been reported to authorities according to KAMC. Sadly, some crashes were fatal.

 As the road conditions worsened throughout week, the number of collisions rose. By Tuesday morning, three men were killed and one hurt after their car rolled into a ditch near Brownfield, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“Some of them have been weather-related, and if folks would have just slowed down a little bit, it might have changed the outcome of some stuff,” said Johnny Bures, DPS Sergeant.

Just over an hour later, two Ropes ISD students were in a roll-over crash in Wolfforth, taking the life of one and severely injuring the other. Tuesday afternoon, DPS said a driver was going too fast for icy conditions, and veered off the roadway near Lamesa, killing the passenger in the car.


Fortunately, Lubbock weather is on the rebound as sunny skies are projected to return through the weekend and temperatures this weekend will be in the upper 60's and low 70's around Lubbock. Winter isn't over though and Lubbock could see more winter weather next week.

The next time winter weather makes an appearance, local authorities encourage drivers to drive slow and be aware of what is going on.

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