A lot can change in a week. That's especially true when it comes to the weather and natural disasters. And in the course of a week, with one of the busiest vacation days in the middle of that week, a small town can get things back on track to welcome back visitors.

Just last week we wrote about Ruidoso, New Mexico which has seen devastating wild fires and flooding recently, and how town leadership took to social media asking people who aren't residents to stay away as they needed time to make repairs and allocate resources to parts of the the town that needed them. And honestly, tourist can get in the way of things. This is especially true during a holiday weekend where lots of Texans want to escape the heat and visit one of our favorites mountain towns.

Leaders in Ruidoso asked visitors to stay away just for a bit. But now is the time to re-open, and honestly, the hotels and businesses in Ruidoso could use the money right about now. According to a Facebook post today, there are areas still closed, but still plenty to do in Ruidoso.

So plan a weekend trip to Ruidoso and who knows, maybe I'll see you there soon.

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