Severe weather has been wreaking havoc on Texas this year, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area got hit hard with storms on Tuesday morning. Over 600,000 people lost power as powerful winds blew down trees and power lines. As of this morning, WFAA reports that 350,000 are still without power and it could be Friday before all power is restored. And between now and them, more storms are possible.

One of the more incredible scenes from Tuesday's storms happened at DFW Airport where winds up to 80mph were able to blow an American Airlines plane away from the gate. Watch the video below.

According to the Boston Globe, the empty 737-800 aircraft weighs 90,700 pounds. Officials say the plane broke away from the jet bridge and turned sideways on the tarmac.

According the the Boston Globe, just north of the airport, 86 mph wind gusts were recorded north of the airport. Wind gusts also were to blame for at least two 18-wheelers that overturned.

Severe weather has pounded parts of Texas the last several weeks including this past weekend when tornadoes were blamed for the deaths of seven people in North Texas.

During severe weather season, always being paying attention to the weather and how fast severe weather can develop.

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