A woman on Reddit said she dumped her boyfriend after he ignored her medical emergency and refused to visit her in the hospital.

The woman explained in her post that he was her first-ever boyfriend and that up until this incident, things were "good."

"About two months ago, I started feeling severe abdominal pain while we were at his apartment. The pain became so intense that I could hardly move or speak," she said.

"I told my boyfriend that I needed to go to the hospital because something felt very wrong. He dismissed my concerns, saying I was overreacting and that it was probably just something I ate," she continued.

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The woman said that she continued to suffer from the pain and begged him to take her to the hospital, but he refused.

"Despite my pleas, he refused to take me to the hospital or even call an ambulance. Instead, he suggested I lie down and wait it out," she said.

"The pain kept getting worse, and I was scared, throwing up and crying. After an hour of begging him to help me, I finally managed to call a friend, who immediately came over and took me to the ER," she revealed.

Turns out, the woman was suffering from a "life-threatening" medical emergency.

"It turns out I had pancreatitis, which required immediate medical attention. The doctors said it could have been life-threatening if I had waited any longer," she explained.

She said that her friend stayed with her throughout the ordeal, but her boyfriend failed to check in on her until the next day.

Even then, he only sent her "a brief text" and never visited her throughout her three-week hospital stay.

"When I confronted him about his lack of support and concern, he got defensive and said I was being dramatic and that he didn't think it was that serious. He accused me of making him look bad in front of my friends for something that 'wasn't a big deal,'" she said.

As a result, the woman decided to break up with him due to his lack of concern for her health, but some of the couple's mutual friends thought she "overreacted."

Reddit commenters agreed with the woman.

"You took care of one problem and dumped the boyfriend. Go find a better one. Now take care of the other problem and dump the friends that are excusing him. Go find better ones," one person wrote.

"Yea no 3 weeks in hospital for nothing serious said no one ever. I bet if he has the sniffles he’s dying. Better being single then looking after [that piece of s--t]," another person said.

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