A man on Reddit was roasted for telling his daughter he was disappointed in her for having a child at age 18, admitting he wanted her to have an abortion.

"I have two daughters. They are both so beautiful and smart and I really love them both. I always wanted them to be strong and independent women who could stand on their own feet and I tried to raise them that way," he wrote.

"My older daughter [now 23 years old] quit both sports and school when she got pregnant at the age of 18. When she first told us that she was pregnant, I was very upset and advised her to have an abortion because having a child at such a young age would disrupt her life," the man continued on Reddit.

His daughter decided to keep the baby and marry the child's father "quickly."

"Then she decided to stay at home and take care of her child and her husband started to work. I never wanted my daughter to be financially dependent on her husband, but I never voiced it either. But of course, my daughter knows that I'm bothered by this," he shared.

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During a recent family dinner, the frustrated father ended up insulting his daughter.

"My wife and daughter started talking about being a mother. My wife told her that even though I wanted her to have an abortion, I love my grandson very much now. My daughter asked me if that was so, and I said, 'Of course I love him.' I really love my grandson, but my daughter knew that I was bothered by her situation, so it didn't sound sincere at all," the man explained.

"My daughter said I could give an honest answer. I told her that I really love my grandson but that I was disappointed that she had become a mother at an early age, had left school and her job and was now dependent on a man," he recalled.

After his daughter left, he and his wife got into an argument, and while his younger daughter agreed with him, she said he "was rude to say it out loud."

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Users in the comments section blasted the man for not supporting his daughter and her life decisions.

"If you value your relationship with your daughter and grandson it is time to let go of the dreams you had for her life and focus on being a supportive and kind part of the life she has now," one person wrote.

"I was your daughter. I stopped speaking to my parents [and] they never got to even meet my son. That disappointment is a 29-year-old, year [three] law student with an amazing girlfriend who has her PhD in some science/pharmaceutical industry. He has a job offer once he graduates. He is an amazing person [and] wonderful big brother to my younger [two] boys. He made me grow up. And I am so thankful for him every day. My parents lost out, not me," another shared.

"Your daughter might also be more receptive to your offers to help her get educated if she didn't feel that she was doing it to look better in your eyes, but doing it for herself. Is she a good mother? And if so, have you ever acknowledged that? I know you're not bagging out mothers, but that's different to actually acknowledging a great mom as well. Maybe think about how she's [doing] as a mom and if it makes you proud of her in that aspect, share that with her. It might be the way to bridge the gap. The world needs good parents, there's so much value in that," someone else commented.

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