A teen overcame intense stage fright in this adorable viral TikTok video with the help of her music teacher, family, and classmates.

"Stage fright is real, y'all. It is scary," the music teacher told the audience in the video as she stood with the teen onstage.

"We worked really, really hard ... The growth that she's made in the last month with this song has been absolutely incredible," she continued.

"You may see some faces or some hand movements that have become a bit of a habit because we're nervous, but she's absolutely amazing and I am so excited to introduce Leyah Dean singing 'Almost There' from Princess & The Frog," she announced.

The music teacher comforted the visibly nervous teen again privately as she put her hands to her head in distress.

"Do you need me to come up there?" her mom offered from behind the camera.

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"Come on, sugar, you got it," her mom cheered.

"Come on, Leyah!" her classmates added as they clapped.

The teen then shook off some of her nerves and sent one last glance to her mom in the crowd before softly launching into the Disney tune.

She started singing quietly before gaining more confidence and belting out the chorus.

When the audience excitedly cheered, she shyly hid her smile behind her hands and microphone before continuing.

As the song built up toward the powerful note at the end, her classmates were seen in the background holding hands in anticipation.

As she effortlessly hit the note, the crowd erupted into applause as her mom and classmates screamed for her.

Leyah's stunning performance now has over five million views on TikTok.

Watch the heart-warming performance, below:

In another video, the teen is seen hugging her friends as her music teacher tells other students to "go around" because "we're having a moment."

"We started that song literally in a closet in my classroom with just her and me because she couldn't do it outside for anybody else," the music teacher shared.

She explained that the teen worked her way up to the stage by first performing for classmates and then another vocal coach.

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