Bruce Springsteen thanked fans in Europe who partied without him when three shows on his current tour were called off.

The Boss was ordered to rest his voice after contracting an infection, leading to concerts in Marseille, France, Prague, Czech Republic, and Milan, Italy, being postponed. He’s expected to be back in action on June 12 in Madrid, Spain.

Many followers who’d made plans to attend the shows made the most of it by staging their own informal events. Clips shared by Springsteen showed fans gathering in public to play and sing along to some of his classic tracks.

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“It’s Bruce Springsteen, calling from the wild lands of New Jersey, where I’m just getting over my vocal bug,” the veteran artist said in an Instagram video, which include footage of the impromptu celebrations.

“I have to apologize again for missing those concerts. But more importantly than that, I have to thank our incredible fans in the cities of Marseilles and Milan and Prague for their beautiful serenading when we weren’t feeling so good.” He added: “It was really touching, deeply emotional, and it’s something I won’t forget. We will be back and we will give you the show of your lives. Thank you very much!”

Springsteen and the E Street Band already announced new dates for Marseille and Prague – May 31 and June 13, 2025, respectively – with new Milan details to follow.

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