Iggy Pop opened a brief tour in support of new album Every Loser on Thursday night, showcasing a number of tracks from the LP alongside some of his classics.

The rocker performed at Los Angeles' Regent Theater with an all-star band featuring bassist Duff McKagan, drummer Chad Smith and guitarist Andrew Watt, all of whom appear on the record.

Pop delivered six songs off Every Loser, including singles "Frenzy" and "Strung Out Johnny." He also revisited Lust for Life and The Idiot and dipped into his Stooges stash, playing classics "Raw Power," "Gimme Danger" and "Search and Destroy." A cover of Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" appeared in the encore.

The full set list and performance videos can be seen below.

Every Loser came about after Pop and Watt met each other last year. “We started chatting, and [Watt] said, ‘Look, I’d really like to send you some tracks,’ and I sorta said, ‘Well, OK, do it,'” Pop recalled in January. “He didn’t pressure me in any way. We didn’t set out with some sort of plan like, ‘This has to be an album’ or ‘This has to be an EP’ or ‘This has to come out’ at all. But I was enjoying what we were doing and enjoying the music.”

Pop said the hard-rocking LP "just sort of came along. Especially if you’re my age, you can’t really grimace and tightened your fist and say, ‘OK, goddammit, I’m gonna put together a rock album!’ It just kind of happened. So the credit goes to [Watt] for having the drive and interest – and also, I would say, some credit goes to me for … having a feel for what would work best with what he had prepared.”

Watt added that he’d been driven by the concept of, “What do I want to hear this guy sing? If I’m in the front row with this kick-ass band and the punk rock James Brown singing, what do I want to hear?’”

Pop's mini-tour stops in San Francisco on Saturday followed by L.A., Hollywood and Las Vegas, ending on April 28.

Watch Iggy Pop Perform ‘Raw Power’ Live on 4/20/23

Watch Iggy Pop Perform ‘The Passenger’ Live on 4/20/23

Watch Iggy Pop Perform ‘Nightclubbing’ Live on 4/20/23

Watch Iggy Pop Perform ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ on 4/20/23

Iggy Pop and the Losers, 4/20/23, Regent Theater, Los Angeles
1. “The News for Andy”
2. “Neo Punk”
3. “Frenzy”
4. “Raw Power”
5. “T.V. Eye”
6. “Sixteen”
7. “Strung Out Johnny”
8. “The Passenger”
9. “Lust for Life”
10. “Gimme Danger”
11. “Modern Day Rip Off”
12. “Loose”
13. “Comments”
14. “Nightclubbing”
15. “Search and Destroy”
16. “Walk on the Wild Side”
17. “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

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