By now we all know the dumbest people are on Facebook. And they're usually the ones who comment the most too. But this is a whole new level of stupid, even for Lubbock.

Back on the evening of September 11, LPD received a call of an attempted kidnapping of a 15 year old girl. The police responded and a composite sketch of the suspect's face was done and released by the police to aid in catching the perpetrator. This is where some people have lost touch with reality. The sketch is just that, a sketch, not a photograph. And therefore is also not expected to be an exact likeness of the suspect. It is a best guess, drawn by an artist, with the details they were given by the 15 year old girl. These sketches aren't pictures, or exact, and can in fact vary greatly from the actual suspect's appearance. A few days later they also released security camera video of the suspect walking down the street, with no clear shot of his face.

Now here's where the dumb really kicks in. LPD released a report that they had captured to suspect they were looking for, and it was a 13 year old male. When it was revealed that it was a kid, 13 years old, some internet idiots lost their damn minds. They looked at the sketch and insisted that there was no way the suspect could be 13, because the sketch looked like an adult? It was just a best guess sketch and NOT an actual photo! So yes it can very easily be a 13 year old who happens to have a more adult face. Why would the police lie about his age? Seriously why? In what universe do you think the police lie about the age of their suspect?

Some people claimed they must have meant he was part of the gang MS-13, which may or may not be accurate, but isn't why they said he's 13. He's just 13! Some people said that if he was actually 13 they couldn't have released the sketch because he was a minor. They didn't know the suspect was 13 until they caught him! Also A SKETCH IS NOT A PICTURE! Therefore the police can release all the sketches they want of a suspect, because they aren't pictures of him! This is also why, when the police announced they had captured the 13 year old, THEY DIDN'T RELEASE THE ACTUAL PICTURE OF HIM!

Seriously people, use your brains before you comment on the internet. Because there's so much stupid already out there, the world doesn't need you to add to it.

Seriously, many of these people should be checked for brain worms because this is a whole new level of stupid. Read the comments, and you'll see.

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