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During the Lubbock ISD meeting to extend spring break, parents began to ask how the extended holiday will impact the arrangements for child custody and support.

We reached out to Lubbock family law attorney Suzie Shay from Shay Law Firm to spell out what will happen with regard to who has custody of children and who pays for support during the extension period.

On Tuesday, March 17th, the Texas Supreme Court issued an order to address the situation in the midst of the current state of disaster.

Listen to our interview:

To sum up what Shay said, parents should follow the orders relating to child support and/or custody arrangements that were set prior to the declared disaster, and avoid using the current situation as a means to create havoc or hardship for the other parent.

If you need advice relating to this issue Suzie Shay can be reached at Shay Law Firm by calling 806-781-7141 or by visiting the website here.

DISCLAIMER: Suzie Shay practices primarily in the area of family law, but is not board certified in family law.


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