Lubbock makes lists all the time. I honestly don't know how we made this one, though. Its a list of the 100 biggest cities in America, and how their public parks stack up. But Lubbock isn't one of America's 100 biggest cities. So how are we on this list?

Technically you can look at the term "biggest cities" fairly loosely. And on at least one list Lubbock ranks at the 85th biggest city in america. So we'll go with that then.

So what did they use to figure out that Lubbock's public parks are good or bad?

The overall size, amount of basketball hoops, amount of dog parks, senior centers, playgrounds, how close people live to a park and a few other things. So Lubbock didn't do good. We ranked right where we are according to population, but that's not necessarily a good thing. Just know that we scored a 1 1/2 park benches out of a possible 5. That's only %30. And yes some cities did score 5 out of 5 park benches. So way to be average Lubbock! I guess we're right where we're expected to be. And that's how Lubbock expected.

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