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The Lubbock Police Department continues to search for a man accused of committing an assault inside a local Family Dollar back in the summer of 2020. A police reports states that the male suspect committed the assault on July 19th just before 9 a.m. at the Family Dollar at 1905 34th Street.

Police say the suspect is an African American man who arrived at the Family Dollar in a black 4-door vehicle with another person. The suspect got into an argument with a female employee of the business. She later told police that the suspect struck her multiple times with his fist and a silver metal clothing bar that she tried to use to defend herself.

Police also say that the suspect is accused of assaulting another employees and a customer who tried to intervene. The suspect has not been publicly identified and police are still searching for his whereabouts. Any information on this assault should be called into the Crime Line at 806-741-100.

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