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Change is coming to Lubbock City Hall and it won't be long before new leadership is sworn in at Citizen's Tower. Lubbock's next Mayor will be Tray Payne, District 5 will be represented by Dr. Jennifer Wilson, District 3 will be represented by Mark McBrayer , and District 1 will be represented by Christy Martinez.

That's four new faces and leadership styles that will be changing. But before that happens, the current Lubbock City Council has one meeting left.

Tuesday, May 10th will be the final Lubbock City Council meeting for Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope, Councilman Jeff Griffith, Councilman Juan Chadis, and Councilman Randy Christian. All but Christian decided against running for reelection. Christian lost his seat to Dr. Jennifer Wilson. Wilson received 53% of the vote while Christian finished in fourth place at 13%.

You can view the agenda for the upcoming Lubbock City Council meeting here.

Among the issues that the current Lubbock City Council will consider are appointment members to a Downtown Parking Task Force, allowing LEPAA more time to build a parking facility near Buddy Holly Hall, parks, a resolution about homelessness being a problem in Lubbock, and issuing more ARPA funds.

On May 17th, the winners of the May 7th election will be sworn in at Citizen's Tower, inside City Council Chambers. Once that happens, the current Lubbock City Council will make history as a majority-female council. The first meeting of the new look Lubbock City Council will be on Tuesday, May 24th. Not a lot of time for the new leaders of Lubbock to celebrate before they are tossed into the kitchen.

Lubbock City Councilman Jeff Griffith will join The Chad Hasty Show with Matt Martin on Wednesday at 10:05 a.m. to take a look back on his time on the council.

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