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Skooners Grill & Bar (1617 University Ave.) is reopening beginning Friday, August 28th at 11 a.m., according to their Instagram account.

We will be back to our normal hours from 11am - 2am every day. Come out and see us for dinner and a drink! We look forward to seeing y’all.

Many bars that were closed due to Governor Abbot's COVID-19 executive orders this summer are coming back as restaurants. I highly encourage folks to support these places by not only getting their usual drinks, but also indulging in their delicious food.

By Texas law, the difference between a bar and a restaurant is as such:

If alcohol makes up 51% or more of sales, the establishment is considered a bar in the State of Texas.

And anyway, the nacho fries at Skooners are absolutely incredible.

While closed, Skooners did something I found very charming: they asked their regulars to provide pictures of the good ol' days (AKA five months ago) to post on their Instagram. I'm one of those regulars, so I sent a lot of pictures that they posted. Here's my favorite:

via Renee Raven
via Renee Raven

This article is dedicated to the whole crew: Cody, Charlie, Ty, Halen, Ang, Big Cat, Ben, Rick, and at least another dozen amazing people who have seen me at my absolute sloppiest. 

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