According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (which sounds like an awesome council and one I'd like to be a part of) MLB parks will serve approximately 22,435,400 hot dogs this year.


Each regular season has 2,430 games, so that's approximately 9,233 hot dogs per game.  Last year the average attendance per game was 30,141…so that's one hot dog for about every three people.

Stadiums will also sell approximately 5.2 million sausages this year.

Dodger Stadium in L.A. is projected to sell the most hot dogs. Yankee Stadium in New York is second, and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia is fourth.

Lots of stadiums are rolling out new gimmick hot dogs this year. The one that stood out the most is at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.

It's called the Meat Lover's Hot Dog, and it's a jumbo hot dog wrapped in bacon…deep fried…then topped with beef, chili, cheese, and salami.

Speaking of hotdogs...this is weird:

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